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Below is a collection of training programs and video courses aimed at making you stronger, jump higher and getting those truly POWERFULL arms that you deserve.

These programs and video courses are from some of the leading experts in their fields , allowing YOU to make the gains necessary to LEVEL UP!

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Get in fighting shape with Phil Daru!

Phil is a former D1 football player and professional MMA fighter.

Having trained the likes of:​Tyron Woodley

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk

  • ​Colby Covington

  • Dustin Poirier
    Junior Dos Santos

  • Edson Barboza

And more, Phil is the right guy to get YOU in fighting shape!!

Do you need help from your girlfriend to get the lid of jars?

Or maybe you just want a handshake that inspires respect?

Look no further, Adam T Glass is a world class grip sport champion with hands of steel. Let Adam teach you hos secrets to a industrial grade grip . Read more here!


Ground control with Phil Daru!

Bjj strength program

Phil is a former D1 football player and Professional MMA fighter

What is technique really?

Technique is.... The most effective application of force .

Here Phil teaches how to get grappling strong and less prone to injury.

Get stronger with Phils strength program for Bjj strength and all your technique will be more effective!

Off the floor by David Dellanave .

Skyrocket your deadlift with this program from David Dellanave.

He has skyrocket the deadlifts of “everyday” men and women in just a few weeks.

These men and women aren’t genetically gifted or even athletes for that matter. Most of them are between the ages of 20 and 60 and they work normal jobs .

He can do it for you too!

When someone asks you to "make a muscle", you don't show them your chest or calves - you flex your arms.

Learn the techniques and strategies used by the greats from the golden era of bodybuilding to grow MASSIVE arms.

Gold era bodybuilders had amazing arms like greats Sergio Oliva or Arnold to name just a couple. This arm workout program will give you all the info you need to get massive arms.

Start growingyour MASSIVE arms today!!! Read more here!!

Do you want to learn how to tear cards like a old-time strongman?

While at the same time developing ferocious gripping power that will improve your performance in the gym or any athletic endeavor requiring arm and grip strength ?

Then you need to check out this instructional from the legend Jedd Johnson !

Get these gamechanging skills today! Read more here!!

Secrets to unlock inches on your Vertical jump

The jump manual vertical jump program

Jumping is a staple of athleticism!

If you are involved in a jump heavy sport like basketball, volleyball or just want to increase your overall athletic performance and athleticism.

This is the course for you! Learn the scientific approach to jump training from one of the leading jump coaches in the WORLD!!!

The jump manual by Jacob Hiller will jumpstart your athletic performance,get it NOW!! Read more here!